First build of a bike with a motor since H.S.

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    Hi folks I just completed this project motor bike. I heard that some people get this done in 2-3 hrs. I am not sure but I think mine took every bit of 3 days. This site is very informative, there is a lot of mechanical talent out there, and thats a good thing for us less talented guys. Had a tough time with the rear wheel sprocket and recked a cheap Huffy steel rim. Then I couldn't keep the chain on using the plastic chain guide tensioner. I dumped it and the bike runs great. Any thoughts on this problem would be helpfull on my next build. I am also new to this thread thing I hope I did this right.

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    Hi, artfull, My friends on Mytractorforum (.com) always say, "we need pics"
    Now, I would not say that... But pics are like choclate.
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    Hi ! Welcome !

    3 days ? I am slower. I ended up buying and reading bicycle wheel building books so I could put on a rear sprocket.

    When you make the bolts on the sprocket tight the spokes on the sprocket side become tighter.

    This changes the dish of the wheel moving the rim closer to hitting the chain.

    To make matters worse some of the bikes at Walmart have spokes that are not adjusted right and when you tighten the sprocket on to them the rim goes way out of shape.

    The bicycle wheel by Jost Brandt helped me a lot.

    Thanks, Steve
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