First build preparation and planning.

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    So, I plan on doing my first build within a month or so and, at this point, I'm still in the stage where I am figuring out exactly what bike and parts to purchase. I will be building a cruiser type MB with most likely a 2-stroke engine. But I have a lot of questions and concerns that I feel i should cover way before the build process. First I'd like to tell you roughly what I have planned, then my concerns.

    The bike I'm most interested in using is the Schwinn Del Mar cruiser. I like its look, design and the fact that it already has a rear rack.
    I'm going to use a 2-stroke 80/66cc engine, although I'm not exactly certain which engine to go with.
    I also would like to add a v-brake, switch to a springer fork and add some lights.

    Now, some of my concerns are as follows:
    1) The Del Mar is my current bike of choice, but so far, I have yet to find it available to be ordered online, Wal-Mart has it on their website at a great price but they're out of stock or something. Does anyone know another place I can find one?
    2) Aside from what is included in standard engine kits, exactly what other parts would I need to purchase in order to get the engine complete and up and running?
    3) I don't completely know the difference between using a 2 or 4 stroke engine. Could anyone possibly list some pro's and con's?
    4) If I were to use a bike with multiple speeds (such as the Schwinn Riverside) is there any way that I could build the motor to take advantage of the multiple speeds? I'm just curious, really.
    5) I know theres more i was wondering about, but at the moment I'm drawing a blank :p

    Well thats it for now, I'd greatly appreciate some help as I need to make up my mind already, can't wait to start cruisin'


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    Hi Richard. Good questions. One thing to consider is whether you want a (rear rack-mount) belt drive, a friction roller type of drive or mid-engine with chain drive.

    1. - Not sure about the bike
    2. - Extras will depend on the type of kit. With a Chinese 2-stroke kit, everything is included for a standard install. For many bikes, custom mounts are needed at the front. Plenty of tips on this site, plus some suppliers sell a modified mount.
    3. - In the end, you said above you're buying a 2-stroke, but to answer the question, a 4-stroke is typically quieter and nicer to listen to, has more bottom-end power but less top-end power. Also higher reliability (usually) with 4-strokes. A 4-stroke will also use less fuel.
    4. - If you use a frame-mount Chinese 2-stroke 66cc or 48cc engine, Sick Bike Parts sell a jackshaft/shift kit that allows the engine to drive a standard set of rear gears, derailleur or hub. I have one ordered, due in a few days.
    5. - Other questions will come later. If you're going the 2-stroke route, have a read of the 'Stickys' at the top of the 2-stroke section first. There are a lot of good pointers there.

    ... Steve
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    I've done a lot of the Schwinn DelMars, Jaguars and Pointe Beaches.....but when lined up side by side with my Sun Retro 7 (now called the Sun Cruz), it is like a pony next to a mule.

    Everything on the Sun, the tubing, the wider handlebars, the pedals, the gel grips, CloudNine saddle, wheel/tire clearances etc. seem phatter and heavier duty, ESPECIALLY the brakes/calipers, & higher grade Shimano equipment.

    When you add up all those little things, you can see why Sun's are in the $270-325 range.

    For WM to offer the price, they subtract materials, don't even offer the holes to put in a water bottle carrier. That ribbed grip is my biggest gripe, maybe it's okay short distance riding, but the road vibration will rub your palm wrong in the long runs.

    And get ready to plunk down at least $30 for a better saddle, 10" Cloud Nines are standard on the Sun's, 12" about $10 more.

    The Sun's are still cheaper than the Diamondbacks and Treks, but you don't see them on the bikeshop floor, they are in the J & B catalog under the counter.

    Do a Craiglist search, for a used Sun Cruiser, and if it is in that Schwinn price range, you can add the rear rack (or even get a much better rack/basket unit) and install it later.
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    Here is a China Mart bike I built for a friend, and a picture of a springer front he put on this past week....

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  5. Warner

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    The first questions I would ask is are:

    How do you plan on using the bike?

    Will it be a daily commuter...Something you plan to rely on for transportation? Or something just for fun?

  6. ralv77

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    I'm going to use the bike just for getting around town to hang out with friends for now. I hope to get a job that I live close to so I can commute to it on the bike as well.
  7. Warner

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    That makes your choices more open. I would say that if you were planning on using it as a daily commuter that you were going to rely on to get to work and back, I'd go with one of the more reliable rack mount kits like Staton (my preference) or Golden Eagle. This will have far fewer problems than the Chinese frame mount bikes. Although it is NOT a daily commuter for me, I have total faith in my bike getting me to work and back (40 miles round trip) on the days that I take it to work.

    If you're building it on a budget and for fun only, any of the kits will work.