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    Hello, I would like to first start out by saying this is my first build for a motorized bike, but certainly not my only experience with motors. I have lots of background with cars and lawn equipment, so dont be afraid to get really technical. Anyway, like I said this is my first build and I had no issues putting the bike together other than your average tinkering to make it fit snuggly on the bike and get it just right. I proceeded to fire my china girl up with a mixture of 1 gallon of unleaded fuel and 20:1 ratio of 2 stroke oil, which roughly came out to about 6.5 ounces. I proceeded to slowly work in the fuel as I was starting her up and trying to break her in. But after about 30 fire ups, the motor was doing the same thing, It would start up, sound real rough, and eventually putter out after about 15 seconds. I did countless tinkerings with the carb, and the idle screw, and everything was perfectly fine with the carb. I am beginning to think it is my gas mixture. A guy at auto zone recomended that I use a fuel that is absent of ethanol for it really messes with the motors performance. Im pretty sure I mixed in the right amount of 2 stroke oil, since the break in period requires a very rich mixture. Please let me know if anyone else has had any troubles like this and share your experiences. I realize with a brand new motor there are probably a lot of bugs to work out, but I hope to get this girl running to be my everyday commuter, Thanks!

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    Had one like that - turns out my pant leg was flipping the choke on.

    You might try running it with the gas cap loose in case the vent hole is blocked.
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    Welcome to the forum. First, try removing the gas cap from the gas tank, as sometimes they are not vented. Second, I would do is remove the kill switch from the circuit, as sometimes they are defective. Ethanol is not good. If you can buy gas without Ethanol, better for you, but in most of the USA, it's hard to find gas without Ethanol.

    Here's a couple no start guides that may help you: cycle engine trouble shooting guide.html

    For those who can read Googledocs:

    Here's a good Googledocs guide for setting up your engine to make it more dependable:

    It's good that your taking your time setting up the engine. That's where most people fail with these engines - they don't take the time. Take it easy on the engine and don't ride it flat out or you'll shorten the engine life. Forum member Crassius recommends his customers don't ride past 2/3 throttle which is good advice.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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    Thanks bigblue these guides help a lot, I will run through all of them to ensure a clean running engine, and keep you updated.
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    Hang in there. You have gotten this far, so it will run. It's always the basics.
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