First build - Schwinn SSX

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    Finished my first build last week and I'm blown away how fun this is. Perfect ride for checking the surf really quick or getting across town. This build began with a crash course in some basic bicycle maintenance - trued a seriously wobbly rear wheel, repacked all bearings and now everything is running smoothly.

    Replaced all hardware on the 66cc engine (thanks to SBP, thatsdax and Al.Fisherman), custom front mount (again I owe this to Al - support this guy!), new gaskets, black engine enamel paint all around, vacuum tubing between the fins, plasti dip sprayed on gas cap and inside of the clutch plate for sound deadening, NGK B6HS spark plug, and finally soldered & heat shrinked all connections.

    To do list - spray a few more coats of plastidip in the clutch plate, plastidip inside of the magneto cover as well as the clutch lever, upgrade my brakes, get an expansion pipe, and Dax's high performance carb.

    Now for a photo. I had a bit of fun messing around with light painting using colored filters and a flashlight - two flavors :grin5:


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  2. motorpsycho

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    that looks pretty cool.
    but in my opinion you should consider an aftermarket exhaust, clean up the wiring and the cables, add a better looking air cleaner, relocate the cdi box and get a better plug wire.
    it's amazing how much better these things look if you concentrate on little details, try to hide the wiring, and hide things (like the cdi box).
  3. madcroc

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    Thanks for the input. I plan on getting the SBP pipe and Dax's carb when I've got the money. I'll re-route everything soon - I just wanted to ride :D. This angle makes the wiring look messier than it really is for sure, it's a work in progress no doubt.
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    oh i totally understand. I re-did my first m.b. 3 times.
    I understand wanting to ride once you get the engine kit.
    I spent more time on my second m.b. build because the inital thrill of riding was over once i built and rode my first one.
    They are all works in progress, and they are never truly done (mine aren;t anyway).
    I am always thinking of ways to change something, or how to build a new part for one of them.
    You have a very nice looking bike there, and it makes me want to build a 3rd