First build, trailer type.

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    Here are some pictures of my trailer build. It works well but I need to add a second "u" bolt at the seat post to keep it from getting a slight twist from time to time. Usually happens if I hit a pot hole etc. The speed is modest at about 20mph. Power is good for a 36cc and it's very quiet.

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    Very nice, very light and very simple.
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    Not bad!

    I've see a few "trailer" type units ... yours is by far the cleanest looking set up ive seen... nice job...
    How does it handle in sharp turns?
    Does the rear end try to push out?
    i noticed the u bolt seat post clamp.. is it fixedor can it move from side to side?
    Of course... being the horse power junkie that i am id end up useing a big *** Briggs and Stratton V twin... dont laugh... with a trailer set up at least it wouldnt have to fit in the frame!
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    It handles very well and you can turn as sharp as you like. Although when turning very sharp I am going very slow and off the gas. High speed turns are fine and you wouldn't know just how you are being powered most of the time. It does hop a little on deep road seams and cracks but if you let of the throttle as you pass over those, it's fine. The "U" bolt is fixed but there is a pivot just behind, if you look close at the picture you can see it. The trailer can pivot as extremely as it wants in any turn. There is no tendency for it to flop or push out to either side, it stays centered well. There is a second vertical pivot about a foot and a half further back, this allows driveways and speed bumps etc. the flex it needs. You would think it would try to run into the back tire but it can't, it would have to lift the rear of the buke to do that. Both of the pivots are just 5/16 bolts with lock nuts so they are just tight enough to not rattle. Today I remade the seat post mount so there is two "U" bolts now and the possiblity of it getting forced out of alignment is no longer an issue. I plan to commute 3 miles (one way) to work and keep the miles and fuel consumption down on my car. The square tubing over the rear tire is optional and is only there for ease of lifting it or moving it while parking as needed.