Tires First build, whats the best tires for mixed riding?

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    Starting my first bike build, and while Ive seen lots of things regards slime, and fixes for off road and such, I'm looking at a particular style. So, here's some questions - if they've been answered elsewhere, please direct me! I'm completely new at this, and the idea is to do it right the first time. I've found a LOT of great discussions and technical advice, but a fair bit of its over my head - I'm no dope but this is all a completely new approach to me, and its a tad overwhelming where to get started as I'm not particularly mechanically minded.

    There seems a lot of ideas regards slime and thornproof tubes, and so forth - is there a particular tire combo I should consider for city driving instead?

    I'm looking mostly at getting around town and less on bike paths and trails - in other words, developed bikeways. Going offroad for me is more on the order of crossing yards and grassy places at events, than dedicated off road and trail riding. Really, I'm street riding and commuting more than anything.

    I often drag a trailer - especially for utility rides ( groceries and so on ) and weekend trips. Once I motorize the bike, should I give consideration to the tires on the trailer as well, or would the ones on it do fine?

    I have been told that my knobby tires aren't the best for city riding on a MB as they aren't great for traction, but I have no experience with that as there a better set? I would have thought they'd be better for mixed travelling, but the jury seems out on that. Tires are cheap, comparatively, but it seems not all are equal.

    The build will be a GEBE, Honda, and its going on a Roadmaster 26 inch Mountain bike. On a completely different topic, if the bike proves too weak I may upgrade to a better one, but it seems to me that decent rolling stock would be a universal.

    This is my main means of transportation, so reliability and durability are my main concerns. I'm hoping to see what folks with real world experience with these can offer advice wise! Thanks!

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    I would take a look at the continental Town & Country or similar inverted tread design, if you occasionally want to go off road. It has a raised slick portion in the center of the tread area that rides nicely on pavement, with recessed areas left and right of this that will give decent off-road grip. You will notice these recessed areas when cornering hard on pavement, but as long as you're aware of it, it shouldn't be an issue.

    Take a look at this post for pics of the inverted tread
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    I use Armadillo tires with Kevlar reinforcement. They're a street tread with excellent durability and traction. The price is a little more but well worth it. The only thing I've had puncture these tires was a HUGE piece of glass and a HUGE piece of bent wire. I carry slime with me in the event of a small (1/8" or less) puncture. I haven't had a flat in...I can't even remember. I also just stick with the normal tubes not the thorn resistant because if it can puncture the tire it doesn't matter what's underneath because it will also get punctured however I haven't looked into the airless tubes which imo would be more reliable than airless tires. Hope that helps.
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    Jeff, from the comments you and others who have recommended to them on the forum, the Armadillos sound like great tires for street riding. There's absolutely no need for tread on pavement, so the semi-slick surface is perfect. But, when you may be spending some of your time on grass, dirt, or mud, some form of tread with a bite is desired.

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    airless tubes? Thats intriguing, is there anything on that? I've nebver heard of those.

    Airless Tires ( amertyre and whatnot ) seem to have a really mixed reception in my reading - sort of a HATE EM/LUV EM ( capped because there is very extreme thinking on them) but I wonder is airless tubes - I gather they are inserts?- might alleviate some of that?

    I also wonder - if such a thing can be had or managed - would there be virtue is simply using motorcycle tires or wheels on a motored bike?
  6. Anigai

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    personally i wouldnt bother, in my mind it would be a motorbike then not a motoredbike.

    i just got some new schwabe road cruiser tires which are a type of heavily threaded tire thats more for commuting but could be used for average quality off roading bu they'd be no where near as good as knobs off road just like knobs would be nowhere near as good as they are on the road.
    im replacing the knobbies on my bike now with them, trust me knobs have practically no grip in the wet and ifind them below average in the dry. you can feel them flexing when your going along as well
  7. loquin

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    Yeah - with knobbies, there's a LOT less rubber in contact with the road, which will cost you a lot of traction. And, as you say, the knobs can bend, especially when corning, which can put you on the pavement.
  8. geebt48cc

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    Yes, I've tried quite a few..............The best are MICHELIN CITY or CITY PILOT.......... Grip well, don't leak,don't puncture.............


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  9. Anigai

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    well not unless your silly enough to drive through a broken glass factory but then again some tires could do that no trouble, well the only trouble would be forking out for them.

    i just got the next project bike today myself and the tires are so bald they may as well be racing slicks, i brought brand new ones. make sure to get the deep threaded ones if you'll be using it off road but they'll still be fairly gripy on road too