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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by eisle89, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. eisle89

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  2. Ghost0

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    Very nice, like the air filter, just like mine.

    Love you custom touches.
  3. biken stins

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    That is one nice ride.
    Did you make the fenders youself ?
    Well done and a lot of nice touches added.
  4. eisle89

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  5. azbill

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    nice build :clap:
    cool looking mounts...excellent work
    the horn is a fine touch as well :)

    oh...I love the tank :clap:
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  6. Alaskavan

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    That is a sweet lookin ride. Good work.
  7. wcocc

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    where did you get your tank? I would like to buy the exact size etc. thanks,

    ie: beautiful bike
  8. eisle89

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    The tank I made, SS. I cut and fitted cardboard in the space. Cut out the SS sheets and had a machinist friend roll the edges.
    TIGed it up and ordered the bung and cap from some motorcycle place ( I forget which one).
    Next time I'll use Aluminum though, it'll save me some weight
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  9. reddbak

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    Congrats on a very individual build, very radical. A great mixture of old-skool and new.

    I take it the handlebars are inverted cruiser-bars.
  10. Really nice. That just looks fast and really old despite everything being new. It reminds me of the movie The Last Indian. I'd love to see pegs in the back for the tucked for speed position. I take it back, don't change a thing.
  11. echotraveler

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    wow that a very nice build!!!! love the wood fenders!!!!!!and that tank!!! 2 thumbs up wait until mountainman see's that!