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    Just got it together tonight. First run, the chain is "sticking" to the rear sprocket so I aborted the run and will examine what's up in the daylight tomorrow. Looks like either the rear wheel got pulled forwards and/or the tensioner moved because the chain magically has a lot more slack now!

    The build was pretty straightforward. Got the hardware upgrade kit from SBP and the longer front mounting bolts allowed the use of the standard front mount. My son was quite impressed by my easy method of extracting the old studs (double nuts, turn the inner nut counterclockwise, out she comes). It's my first build and I took my time. Didn't hook up the kill switch yet, and not sure I will. Shorting out the coil to ground doesn't appeal at all. I think I'll just turn off the gas and choke it.

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    That's what I had in mind, use a normally closed momentary action push button switch on the blue wire and don't use the stock kill switch. I'll post more pics when it's all done and running sweet.
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    Chain problem is fixed. I moved the rear wheel back as far as it could go, repositioned the tensioner bracket about one inch closer to the front on the bike, and adjusted the tensioner to remove the remaining slack. Now the chain runs smoothly with no "grabbing" on the sprocket.

    Here's my son and I on the maiden voyage:

    Bike on Youtube
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    The bike seems to be very nice. It really runs smoothly. I would love to ride it.
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    looking good there --

    looking good there -- nice MB build -- fun first ride

    have a blast as you guys ride that motor bike thing