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  1. Jdavis_0203

    Jdavis_0203 New Member

    Not completely done still some things i want to change and add to the bike and clean it up not too sure on how i want to run the wiring yet but ya here it is

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  2. toolow

    toolow Member

    i like the all black look really cool
  3. suspect

    suspect Member

    is that seat comfortable like that, i mean with the handlebars so low.
    looks cool tho, i have a similar cruiser.
  4. Jdavis_0203

    Jdavis_0203 New Member

    Thanks. Ya the seat isnt that bad. im also a pretty small guy ranking in at a good ol 5'5. but ya the seat is not bad at all. I was wondering if anyone knew why it kinda smells like burning oil after riding for a bit. is that normal with a two stroke engine or what?
  5. suspect

    suspect Member

    it probably is if its new, i dont have much experience with twostrokes beyond chainsaws and lawnmowers, yet..
    im actually starting to regret buying this zbox bike motor judging by the sheer volume of horror stories i read on here daily.
  6. bryant

    bryant Member

    Thats a good looking bike. Is that a Schwinn Del Mar? I am waffling between buying a Schwinn Del Mar to build or use my old mountain bike. I hate to do anything to the mountain bike(had it for 20 years) and am looking at the Del Mar at wally world. Is there any problems using just the coaster brakes? The thread in the General Discussion started by scokes is about using front brakes with coaster brakes which is apparently a good idea. Thanks
  7. Jdavis_0203

    Jdavis_0203 New Member

    Actually the bike is a micargi touch. The coaster brakes arent so bad, i have been thinking about getting a front brake put on i feel like if wouldnt be stressing so much when you try to stop probably make the coaster brake last longer too.
  8. suspect

    suspect Member

    remember if that chain comes off you have no brakes...
  9. super dave

    super dave Member

    i like that frame style looks good, but for sure you must have some front brakes, i added some front brakes to my coaster bike.