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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Mike B., Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Mike B.

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    My wife placed an ordered, with Staton, for a friction drive kit, for me. It was a FDR-335 Robin Subaru 33.5 cc 1.60 HP Four Cycle Engine kit.......what a surprise! I believe she ordered it last Tuesday and I recieved it and had it on my bike by Thurs. night. What a blast...just putting it together was pretty simple and has been the best part so far...I had a big smile on my face during the build. Don't take me wrong, the first ride was also a real kick.

    I'll try to post pics tomorrow.

  2. moondog

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    Yeah ! You went right for the good stuff your first build ! :cool:
  3. Mike B.

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    quick question...After taking the bike for about a mile ride, everything seemed ok...I mean nothing vibrated loose or changed position. I didn't notice any slippage from the drive roller to the wheel. However, I did feel the back tire and it felt just a little warm. I suppose from the friction drive? That's normal right?
  4. Mike B.

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    Here's a few pics I took.

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  5. moondog

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    Yes, feel the roller, it gets hot. It's bolted right to the clutch drum.

    The bearings too. On the Staton the channel acts like a big heat sink. That helps cool things.

    Nice ! Thanks for the pictures ! :cool:
  6. vegaspaddy

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    Mike you are going to LOVE your new bike.....

    With friction drive the simplest is the best, and that kit will outlast your bike,,,

    happy travels and keep us posted of your travels with your new found adventure mobile !!!!!!
  7. Mike B.

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    Thanks for your help and all the good info.

    You are appreciated!
  8. Happy Valley

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    Yeah, it'll get warmed from the friction and while that's normal during temperate weather they'll get downright HOT during summer heat when road surfaces are baking ....a problem inherent with steel spindles especially during any extended daytime cruising.
  9. snakedoctor

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    Mike, you will love that engine. I had one and it was great, no problems whatsoever. Always started on the first pull.
  10. Lazieboy

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    Cool, but i prefer a frame mount.
  11. Mike B.

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