First Crash

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    Well I just finished my first build of a 70cc PowerKing HT motor on a road bike. Panasonic Sport-500. I was going down the side of the road no traffic thank god and im pulling the throttle alot because I was trying to keep up with my friend on a normal bike going about 20. The gas valve was off lol. But the bike was still vibrating like crazy. All of a sudden my tire turns slightly to the right but the handle bars are still straight, and now its taking me into a curb. Next thing I know im on the ground with my foot stuck in the spokes, the gas line is off, spark plug wire is laying on the ground because it got ripped out of the cdi, and the handle bars are completely off the bike. All because of the handlebar screw vibrating loose. I wasnt hurt luckily because I landed in the grass but I also didnt have a helmet.

    Im hoping that if I put locktite on the handle bar screw threads and that will keep it from vibrating out again. And I need to get a helmet.

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    tighten every bolt on the bike and the kit, never ride without a lid.
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    Agreed. Be careful, bro. These things are not toys, and things could've been worse... ; )
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    I wil second that. as I always say-learning the alphabet once is enough.

    glad you're okay. I like the road/hybrid/touring frames but I spent a lot of time to get the motor mounts right. I would look for a stem that is round and compresses up inside instead of those that just slide up as you tighten them.

    thanks, I'm checking mine now. I may just ride my regular bike to work a couple days so I can take a break on checking everything.
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    We Want Pictures!


    Glad you didn't get hurt man.

    RUBBER SIDE DOWN Next time!