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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by iRide Customs, May 17, 2007.

  1. iRide Customs

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    Took my bike out of a 20 mile ride this morning. I didn't take a single tool, wallet or even my cell phone. I was hoping for no breakdowns and I got what I wanted. It was a nice little cruise through the countryside all by myself and it was AWESOME!

    The only problem I am having with my Grubee is that the spark plug hole was buggered up when they cast the head and the spark plug washer doesn't seal so it leaks all over. Oh well...this is just my first installment of hopefully many engines. :grin:


  2. rcjunkie

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    Wow, I wish I was that brave. I always carry a wallet, cell phone, a Snap-On Tool truck as a pursuit vehicle, and an SUV with a bike rack...just in case.
  3. azvinnie

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    its all good when we can have a ride like that, makes all the work we put into these thing, well worth it............right on iride
  4. Guest

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    Yeah, ain't it great? I took the military bike out today to run some of the break-in miles on it and found it runs smoother and rides better than the first one I built.

    I did take my (full) tank of fuel and (empty) wallet, but I don't own a cell phone and the tool kit was still wrapped up on the Western Flyer.
  5. Chopper

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    Should have mine back today, after two weeks with Rick The Tinkerer :sad: .... and wouldn't ya know it, the drought has finally broken! :sad: :sad:

    Oh, how I long for that looonnnngggg ride...........
  6. gone_fishin

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    no real "long" rides out here, 'less i wanna go in 6 mile circles :lol:

    i get several 2-4 mile rides a day, bopping around here & there...beach, asphalt, trails. i can't get enough of it...i'm really glad to see you feel the same way, iRide 8)
  7. thatsdax

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    I go for 15 to 35 mile rides almost every other day !!! I really enjoy them too. I love cutting through Bear Creek Lake Park...No one around. Just me...Moving on through..Making the turns...And hitting the striaghts... I never have a cell. Never had any tools....Had...I now carry Tools to fix a flat. Pump, Patch kit, Alabama Speed have to admit..I did finally start carrying tools to fix flats. I hated seeing a tire going down and had to end my ride too soon by making a bee line for home. Once I did not make it home. Had to borrow a cell from a passing motoist. A few days ago, I bought some solid tubes. Never will go flat. We shall see... Then I can go back to no tools again...Naked riding !!! Yes !!!! lol...Enjoy the ride...
  8. Dockspa1

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    Man, I have had four surgeries on my legs and soon to be a back surgery so it scares the h*ll out of me to brake down out in the middle of nowhere. I have to take my cane with me, just in case but can you imagine pushing your ride as well as using your cane a few miles?
    I bought my wife a cell and I supose I should get one also.
    Whine, Whine and then WINE!
  9. spunout

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    its tough for anyone that doesnt own one of these (or motorcycle), to grasp the enormity of something so simple as a little 'self-time'. in todays hectic world, sometimes the Daily Grind gets to be too much. work, bills, deadlines, kids, etc. getting the chance to hop on and have no particular destination does wonders. the worries and stress melt away with the miles.

    yeah, iRide, its good therapy 8)
  10. JosephGarcia

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    I agree.. My old bike was reliable, and I took 2 hour long trips to nowhere often, during the 2 weeks I have gone without being able to drive myself away from here, I've been very stressed and stuff.
  11. srdavo

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    cheap therapy to boot!! But I still gotta carry some tools! :D
  12. quay1962

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