First Electric Bike




That guy wants to trade that bike for my Trek mountain bike.

Can anyone identify that motor and where it was bought from?

And do you guys think its worth it? I plan to repaint the bike so it's not so ugly.

Plus, any tips on running an electric bike to get the best mileage and speed?


here ya go :D
Looks like a fair trade....for you :D Is this local you can test drive it?

I used my Currie electric bike kit to get up to speed (18 mph) then just pedalled & used power to keep up to speed and for hills. I still only had around 1 hour of range, before I recharged. I like my electric....need to get it back on the road............. :unsure:
sounds like a good deal/ might want to ask where or what kind of motor it is. can't really tell from the pic.......good luck
thats good, you should like the way it rides befors making the trade, and l'm sure you will like going 20mph without any noise, very different and kewl to ride. good luck