first encounter with the police UK Birmingham


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Jan 15, 2008
this was my fourth commute on the petrol bike (while my electric bike is awaiting repair).

i was commuting home on the 2 stroke bike when i saw police ahead who had pulled over a motorist. i hit the clutch and killed the engine and turned right before reaching them. i started the engine again once i was out of hearing range to climb a hill. i kept looking over my shoulder to check for cops. at some point i noticed a police car right behind me but at this point i think i had already cut the engine. they tailed me for about half a mile and then over took me once they realized i was not causing a nuisance. during this time i didn't look over my shoulder and was pedaling hard. once they turned off the road it was a big relief.


It's fun when that happens. Just keep wearing your helmet and riding safe. I just tell myself they are reading the sticker on the back of my helmet because they want one. I'm glad you had a good experience.


It's the PCSO's that worry me. The real police oficers are catching crimanols while them lot will book people for jaywalking. No doubt they would have to stick there nose in. They are so petty.