First Engine - need new bike frame et al


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Jun 28, 2008
Hey all,

My Robin/Subaru 4-stroke should be arriving any day now. I've come to the realization that my old Marin is not the ideal frame to take a beating from an engine. So I'm wondering what kind of steel frames any of you guys would recommend. Any particular wheels as well? All advice on frames, wheels, and how to tighten up the bike to avoid extreme wear from vibration would be appreciated. Happy biking!

No beating

If you have a Robin 35cc 4 stroke with a belt drive and ring . This will operate smoothly with no beating. The only decision you have to make is 24" rim or 26"rim with stainless steel straight spokes. Golden Eagle is the way to go.
And if it's a chain drive?

I bought the engine thru Golden Eagle - I might as well buy the rims from them too.

Robin/Subaru 33.5 cc 4 stroke

Here's a pic of 1 of my bikes with a Robin/Subaru 33.5 cc w/friction drive kit. It's mounted on a Kustom Kruiser GT DYNO Roadster 26'' stretch beach cruiser. If you like the bike, I also have another one new in the box I will sale.


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