First Frustration With Oscar:

Hal the Elder

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10:47 PM
Oct 20, 2008
I tried firing the bike up today on the stand, and it ran for about 4 seconds and quit. It had that traditional Whizzer "popping" sound that I remember!

I was never sure of the position of the choke arm...up or down?

I may have flooded it, or may not have choked it enough, I don't know!

My manual was published in 1998, before the NE5's came out, so maybe the choke rod is in a different location on the new engine's carburetor and requires a different setting to choke the engine.

I'll ask for help here...

If you have the 22 MM carburetor with the metal choke lever, up is choked, and down is off. The 22 is somewhat sensitive, depending on the climate you might need to leave it half choked until warm. If the bike has been sitting around with gas in it and not started for a while it might have some of the smaller jets plugged [pilot, main, etc], but is easy to overcome.

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Hey Quenton:

OK, now I know...UP for choked!

BUT I could never get it to go all the way up, becauses a big, stiff rubber hose about 5/8" diameter is blocking it, allowing only about half-choke!

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That sounds like the crankcase breather. Zip tie the hose out of the way without kinking it and you should be able to then get full choke. One thing you might want to do is get out a tube of blue LocTite and secure as many of the nuts and bolts you can. This will save you a lot of time and trips to Home Depot for replacement screws and bolts.
Enjoy the ride.
Hey Jim:


Yep...that's the crankcase breather tube all right!

But unlike the breather tubes on all my past motorcycles, this one has a PLUG in the end! How can the crankcase breathe that way?

Anyway, re-routing it freed the choke for full operation, but Oscar would still start and die after a few seconds, no matter if I choked him or not.

As long as I kept the RPM's high, he would run steadily, but when I released the throttle, the engine would not come down to idle, it would just go BELOW idle and quit!

Maybe I should raise the idle speed...which screw does that?

Good idea about the Blue Loktite. I sure won't use the RED stuff!

the cable at the carb -- pulls the carb throttle -- which rest on the screw to adjust


sorry Hal -- think I got the wrong carb information there

just trying to get you up and running

we are sure that tomorrow will be a new day for you and Oscar

come on Oscar let Hal ride that thing !!!
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Here is a thread with good info on the carb and adjustments.
The photo in the first post will tell you which adjustment screw is for the idle and which is the air bleeder.
good luck. MotorbikeMike has a great post in that thread that tells you how to adjust it. Usually the bleeder will be at 1 to 1.5 turns out from closed.

PS That is not a plug in the end of the breather. It is like a filter stone. It does allow air through it.
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If It Wasn't For Youse Guys...

I would be pokin' around in the dark at times!

So my breather AIN'T plugged!

And thanks for the link to the carb I know which is Idle Speed and which is Mixture!

I thank you and Oscar thanks you!