First good ride in 3 years

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wrightmor, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Got my bike roadworthy again this week. Figured out that that broken throttle was heart of problem. Today I rode bike to my barber's shop about 7 miles down a curvy, hilly rural road. I really didn't know if the bike would pull some of those hills but it did beautifully. I approached the base of the hill at about 30 mph and watched the speedometer decline gradually to about 20. But surprisingly enough, there was no groan or sputter. The bike did admirably and I now remember what it is about riding the motor bike that I enjoyed so much before. Bike had been put away almost ever since move from FL 3 years ago. It just wouldn't perform here like it did in FL. Guess the Throttle was damaged in the move. Anyway, I am ecstatic to have my ride back. In process of trying to work on the bike, I learned a good bit about the carborator. Still no mechanic but carbs and now throttles are no problem for me. Little by little, I'm learning more. This too is part of the thrill of motor biking.

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    Glad you are back on the road. It's very flat where I live now so I don't know how well mine would do in the hills without some gearing changes. 20mph going up hill is dang good.
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    Yes it is fun, isn't it? I suppose most of us have been in the spot where we find a problem and fix it then find that a bike we'd kinda lost faith in is actually all right after all. And it's a good feeling.

    I built my first two bikes a bit more than five years ago now. One lasted about a year. The other lasted two years. When that one died I said to myself, "These aren't really worth the time I need to put into them for what I get out of them".

    I've always kept a pedal bike around, so I just went back to that for a couple of years.

    Then the 'itch' for a motored bike started growing again and I built another one. Previous experience certainly helped and now I've got a bike that does give me issues from time to time. But they're more manageable. And the bike just feels like it's something that'll last a bit longer without too much headache.

    It sounds like your experience might be similar.
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    Unless the law changes drastically here in CO I'll always have at least one bike to ride, too much fun for the money.
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    MB'ing is really quite high in stress relief. We all could use more of that. Gotta get me some of that. The electric is charging.......
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