First Homemade Chainsawbike!! MUST SEE!!

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  1. daikonbacon

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    Thought I might post my homemade chainsaw bike on this site!! This bike features completely custom mounting onto a rodmaster 15 speed bike. It is powered by a Homelite 33cc Chainsaw engine. The drive shaft is a pipe welded onto the clutch cover rubbing on the tire. It has two turnbuckles to adjust pressure to the tire. The top speed hits 33MPH acording to my phone gps.
    Here's a few videos: (More on my channel)
    Version one:
    V2.1 Update:
    V2.2 Update:
    V2.3 Update:
    V2.4 Update:
    Timelapse build:
    Speed test/ FAQs:
    So as I was sayin this is my first motorized bike and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks- Daikon

  2. nishikidrift

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    nice i like the simplicity.
  3. daikonbacon

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    Thanks nishikidrift, if you have any tips or hints on how to make it better I would love to hear them.
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    You got that setup about as good as friction drive works till the clutch dies then just pull the bell and weld again