First Hydrogen Bike

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fastboy9, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Has anybody seen this?
    Pretty interesting! I'm looking into a HHO gas injection on my bike, already done it to my car and its incredible the difference you get in mpg, also makes the engine a bit more torquey too. I know Graucho has already done it to his bike.

    What do you guys think?


  2. mlcorson

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    Sounds great, but its outside my circle of confidence. There are certainly many technical issues I don't even know about. Does the cell make energy all the time? What's the electrical output capacity of a cell?
  3. mlcorson

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  4. Not bad. Range seems better than most electrics. I like that Honda Helix in the video too.
  5. DetonatorTuning

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    somebody run the numbers on the cost of HHO / projected range,to show travel efficiency vs the 160mpg of my 2 stroke.

    then make me one with twice the power and twice the range both.
  6. SirJakesus

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    Hydroxy generators for the most part are not stand alone fuel sources. They supplement the engines normal fuel source by making the mix more explosive, faster and cleaner burning. When hydroxy is burned it returns to a water vapor state and cools your engine at the same time it's giving a boost. This allows people to alter the fuel air mixture to lean the engine way past the point where you'd normally burn it up without hydroxy injection.
    I bought a very large brown gas generator for my car a couple months back but have yet to install it since our garage needs a good cleaning and doing wiring and work under the hood is unpleasant when temperatures are below freezing outside.
    I don't know how practical a hydroxy generator would be on an MB since they usually require at least a 5A draw off a cars electrical system to operate. A 49cc engine would probably require much less gas injection than my 1.8L car though, but wheres the electricity to come from? The pulses from the mag would probably be perfect for breaking water down but it would require some engineering as to not remove that power from the engine spark. You could also compress the gas in a high pressure cylinder for slow release into your engine... however this would be done at your own peril. Hydrogen-Oxygen mix is just a spark away from a large explosion since it's already a perfect mix of fuel and oxidizer.
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    yes we know many wish to ask for more

    but -- with the facts stated -- that THINGS pretty darn cool

    and the range seemed to be much better than most elect bikes

    no matter -- I would like to ride that THING
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    Canned hydrogen? Seems like a step backwards. If I can't get more energy than I put in by just using water for fuel....I'm not interested.
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    It works well on cars because they generally have a lot of extra power available from the alternator that gets wasted.
    This stuff does work, it's worked for almost a century.
    I just don't know if its practical on such a small bike.