First Install Impressions (In progress)


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Aug 21, 2008
The bike is a Schwinn Jaguar. I have just basic tools and no fabrication stuff, so it's interesting.

I got the rear sprocket and engine mounted yesterday. Locktite & lock washers on everything! The sprocket was relatively easy. Boy those brackets are something else. Several holes were off about 1/8" and they overlapped as well. But the gear itself has only the slightest amount of wobble, less than 1/16". That should be fine. Being a Jag it centered right up on the hub.

The front mount on the engine was a PITA. Luckily the local hardware store had 24" of m6 bolt thread. I went through half of it, but the mount should do ok. It's pretty sturdy. I'll take some pictures later to see everyone's thoughts.

Chain clearance by the tire might be an issue. The tires are 2.125". If it's too close I might try a 2" tire.

I installed the clutch handle & cable today. It works! :eek: I'm always surprised when something I put together works. Not that I'm inept. I just expect things to be difficult.

The engine sprocket moves when clutch is disengaged, but it's a tad stiff. I wonder if it should free spin or take some slight effort to move. The clutch cable will need fine tuning later.

That's all for this weekend! Would be nice if I could fire it up next weekend!
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Last night I assembled & mounted the carb, throttle, and fuel tank! It all went pretty smoothly.

I also discovered green threadlock. I hadn't seen it before. It's not quite as strong as the blue stuff, but it's penetrating and can be put on parts that are already assembled.

One thing that is confusing is the mounting of the rubber gaskets on the rear sprocket. Some directions say to put one on either side and some say to put both on one side. I suppose it depends on the bike. I put both on the inside. I'll have to see if I need to change it up later.
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If the chain will line up- putting one rubber ring on the outside will move the sprocket slightly away from the spokes and it may help with your chain to tire clearance.
Those rubber gaskets depend on what bike they are going on....

The only way I could line up the Schwinn Searcher back wheel was to NOT have one between the sprocket and spokes.
I tried to mount the sprocket with one piece of rubber on either side of the spokes and didn't have clearance on the bike frame side. Ended up using both pieces of rubber inside the spokes. A note of putting one piece of rubber between the spokes and sproket; it's a huge pain trying to get the sproket true with no wobble. Good luck man. That first time you start it and make it go, t's going to get your heart racing. I was pretty sure it was going to blow up or something. Nothing to worry about afterall! Have fun!!
I'll post some pictures as soon as I get it running.

I finished today, however had a bit of a setback. Everything was together, I disengaged the clutch and road down the street. Chain was a little noisy, but no issues to speak of. Chain clearance by the tire was about 1/8". About the same as the chain for the pedals.

So, I found a nice little stretch and engaged the clutch. The engine came to life, but my excitement was shorted lived.

The tensioner wheel jamed against the mounting nut. The torque carried it into the wheel where it broke one spoke and bent another. CRUNCH! :???:

So, I need a new wheel. I'm going to get rid of the tensioner and tighten the chain. I'm waiting for a real chain breaker so I don't have to use a punch.

Good news is the engine worked. Bad news is there's more work to do.

Hopefully, I didn't damage the engine in the process... :-/
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Minor minor setback.....

Get the new spokes back in and get her on the road....

The tensioner jamming the spokes is a scary thought, always on my mind, but it is a learning experience if anything else
Yep...that could've been worse.

Good news!! New wheel in, chain readjusted, and tensioner removed...Even better news....the engine started!!

In the process I had some other slight setbacks. The gas cap clips that hold it to the tank fell into the cap above the spring. Right now it's being held on by electrical tape. :p

Also, the pitot valve won't flow fuel with the fuel line attached. It was fine before, but I had to tighten it due to a leak. Oddly enough, the valve works fine when the fuel line is taken off. Weird...

Consequently, the engine won't run for long and won't idle for very long. I don't want to run it long without figuring out the fuel flow issue.