First Install Impressions (In progress)

the chain is junk, buy a # 41 chain. search chain tensioner threads. tractor supply co. has a good one. you can get fuel in the line by repeadely pushing tickler.
and sound like you need to adjust the carb. but other than that ... doesnt sound like a real problem ... also one thing about the engine ... is that fuel isnt going to just pour into the line until the motor is running ... i noticed that when installed a fuel filter into the line ... i dont know why but also dont mind ... as soon as i took it for a drive it filled up how i expected and ran great ... and with cleaner fuel :)
Thanks for the info on the fuel line!

First Successful Ride Was Today!!

ThatsDax sent a replacement fuel cap under warranty. As always, the communication was very quick and I got the part in just a few days. Thumbs up for great customer service!

I had to replace the fuel valve with one from SickBikeParts. It's much better. I also removed the cheapo fuel screen and installed an inline filter. Shipment was very fast! After adjusting the idle today, I took off without a hitch!

I did a 10 minute ride around the block up to 15mph and not more than 1/2 throttle. The engine ran strong!

As promised, here are pictures of the bike! My front engine mount is crude, but it works! Also I posted a bonus picture of my previous bike that I intended the kit for.


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