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Hello everyone,

Last Wednesday since I had received my official license in the mail, I went for my first really long trip on the MP bike. Looking back at my ride, it seems a bit foolhardy since I took no tools along and have not yet put the green slime in the tires. I really enjoyed the ride and had my share of curious people checking me and the bike out. Happy to say that I went about 14 miles round trip with no problems at all. The only strange thing I noticed is that while decelerating, the bike kind of jerks along. It is uncomfortable enough that I pull in the clutch to smooth things out. I think it is due to the uneven running characteristics of the 2 stroke engine. Is this typical? Now I am going to be taking it all apart so I can repaint it back to its former glory. I can't wait to get it all finished will all the little accessories. I really appreciate all the help I have garnered from this forum.

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Dec 15, 2006
it is mostly just the chain trying to ride-up the engine sprocket because the engine slows much faster than the spinning wheel
you can regulate it a bit with the rear brake
some have put a tensioner wheel as a guide (no tension) above the chain as it re-enters engine
I have used many different sprockets now (32,36,40,44,48) and the larger the sprocket, the less this happens
the less slack in the chain, the better as well


This also might help, I mentioned this in a recent post but can't find it .. idler tension, that is, raising the idle wheel up tighter to the chain helps, but I find a better way to get more even tension is to lower the idle wheel all the way so that tension is off the chain. Now loosen the LEFT wheel axle nut and leave the right nut alone. Now take a VICE GRIP pliers and grip one jaw against the axle tip and the other against the curve of the axle slot. Squeeze and keep adjusting the vice grip's pressure knob and you can pull your drive chain back and tight with a new precision you can never seem to get with wheel wedges or a second helper. After tightening the nut( which by the way will be unobstructed by the vice grips if you've clamped the jaw only to the very tip of the axle) raise the chain tensioner only until it touches the chain but do not use it to increase the tension at all as that part should have been done solely by the vice grip method. You will see a great improvement.
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