first long ride and cops

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    I live in Medford Mass, right outside of boston (like 3 min) i was driving my first long drive the other night and was cruising right along. i did happen to run into the cops, who only asked me how my night was and then continued on their way (sigh of relief).

    i noticed though i used almost a full tank of gas on my happy times 2 stroke 80cc. i didnt go on any 150 mile trek, more like 20 at max. how do you guys tweak your engines to run so efficiently. i have my idler down low, and putters at idle and can get to a pretty good top speed. any thoughts?

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    Take a look at your spark plug-if it is black and gunky you may be running too rich.
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    20 miles on a half gallon? Sounds like a leak to me.

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    i think it was just the break in, because the other day i did the same ride, after much more riding, and i got about the 20 miles with about an 1/8th of a gallon or even less, so with my basic math i was getting about 100 or so mpg maybe more?

    could of been how i was riding or the break in or the mix, its all be changed so who knows haha
    on the bright side though, ive run into more cops and still nothing. i think they are too concerned with all the drug busts and crazy people lately to bother with me!