First Long Ride since "Whizzerizing"



I learned something today I'd thought I'd pass on ... That it was a major pain adding full lighting/turn signals, etc to the bike goes without saying but today the weather warmed up enough to take a long ride.

You know, crazy and varied Ca. laws aside, I discovered that just being 'fully loaded' FOR MY OWN PURPOSES made it the most pleasant ride to date over both my builds. The licence plate gives you more a feeling of "deserving" to be on the road like everyone else and cagers seem to recognize it more as well. Not using the crosswalk/pedestrian signal button as I had been doing added at least 15 minutes of saved time and aggravation over the 2 hour ride.

The turn signals just made my intent more discernable to them and I noticed there was less rear end squeezing because of the bright brake light ....

Yes, the build per se has lost that 'purist' bicycle n motor only simplicity,but I figure that few here including myself would probably never turn up our nose if we found out we had won a Whizzer or some similar type of 'loaded' 2 wheel motor vehicle that also required lights and plates,and would probably use it daily over any other stripped down ride.

No debate here over what's better or lawful .... simply saying it seems I'm getting more bang for the buck now with no need for Police concern to such a degree as I previousely had ... heh ... until they think up something else to stop me for !



In the UK to be strictly legal you need all of those as standard.. although to be honest I tend to indicate direction as you would normally on a bike... The brake light can be a lifesaver though as you say..

Jemma xx