First MB build: 1970 Western Auto Galaxy Flyer

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    A friend donated the bike. It had been left outside for years and was in very sad shape. I added new paint, a new seat and Kevlar tires. I welded a motor mount to bridge the gap to the front frame tube. It has a little over thirty miles on it so far. It's lots of fun and runs great. The motor kit came from BikeBerry. I'm more concerned about proper tension on the motor drive chain so I put the tensioner on the pedal chain because it's hardly ever used except for braking. No tensioner chain noise and the motor drive chain is smooth and quiet.

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  2. motorpsycho

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    That's pretty cool, and i like you idea for the front engine mount.
    you shoudl consider cutting off those butt connectors and soldering all of your wire connections tho.
    you did a nice job building that bike, and it's a cean build too. no wires and cables strung all over the place.
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    Very well done! I really like your front motor mount solution too.
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    Thanks for the comments.
    As I was posting the motor mount photo I knew someone would point out those butt splices. I considered taking a new photo but it was raining today. Those connections have since been soldered and heat shrinked. I also straightened, cleaned up and put on the original chain guard with the Galaxy Flyer logo. I'll post another photo when the weather improves.

    I had this project on my "B" list for a long time. This is my original post with photos of the raw bike.

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    Very nice!!

    Just a suggestion. Since it is only used for braking I would move the tensioner to the top of the chain. When braking you are putting stress on it, if it slips you will have alot of travel before the brake engages.
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    How it looks now

    Here's how it now looks. I just took it out for a ten mile shake-down and nothing shook loose. I realize "Hardly-Davidson" is hardly unique but it's funny so I stole it.

    "Final Build" was the wrong name for the previous photo I posted. Are these things ever finished? I want to extend the exhaust to the rear and get a better muffler from a scooter or moped. My son-in-law is a graphics artist with access to a vinyl cutter. He is going to duplicate the faded Galaxy Flyer logo on the chain guard.

    I need better turn signal/brake lights. The cheaply made ones I found so far don't last. I see good ideas and plans posted here.

    Another look around the Internet revealed some information that said 22,000 of these AMF 2026-A17 Western Flyer bikes were made in 1965. The author described them as "collectible but not desirable". Not desirable? He mustn't have one with a motor on it.

    "Too old to rock'n roll, Toojung2die"

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    Nice Western Flyer. My WF is a 1976 model. I bought the frame for 10 bucks. A guy had a bunch of old frames in the back of his 1966 Ford Galaxie station wagon.
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    I like it and I'm jealous. I want a springer fork too!