First Motor?

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    I am looking to buy my first motor. i am very mechanically inclined and i know what im doing i just dont like buying much from the internet. you never get what it seems. Anyways i think ive narrowed my search down to this one here.

    The things im wondering is.

    1. Is this going to be a good motor to start with?
    2. Is the site a good place to buy from (cutomer service, Parts, ect.)
    3. Is there a better motor kit out there to get than this?

    Mainly what im asking is if you were going to buy a motor kits like this one right now, what one would you buy? I just want to know if im getting good quality stuff? i understand i have to break it in and do things to make it last. i just dont want it going out for some reason and if it does. i want to get parts and not have any probs.

    Thanks for helping. I know there are site reviews and motor reviews, but to actually have a motor, site, and a price at once is easier to determine what to do. Just trying to figure out what you would do.

    Thank you.

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    As far as buying off the internet..I have no problem with it. I have for many years, in fact sometimes the internet is the only place to acquire certain items.
    Now for that engine or ANY other Chinese will be a **** shot. I like myself have had basically had no problems with engines I bought off of the internet specifically all of which came from Fleabay. (minor problems, bad magneto, with 1 of 6), that's a good record. Heck, I sell parts for these HT's, and that is internet buying. Do a search on the company both here and Google. With these Chinese engines you get what you pay for. Considering ALL my bikes were under $300.00 (new frame) to as low as under $200.00 (used bike), you can't go wrong. All these engines are Chinese made, the cheapest out there. So weather you spend $300.00 for a engine or $170.00 you get basically the same engine. Just about all support is nonexistent (with few exceptions). One thing that I've found out (after my first engine..the one I had a problem with), that these engines are NOT out of the box ready to install. I feel that some to major modifications are needed. Reading your experience I don't think you will have a problem.
    Here is a paper I wrote up, many members find it a good read.

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    first motor

    I bought my first motor from "gasbikes" also bought alot of parts from them all in all I was somewhat satisfied did not use all the parts that came with the kit got rid of rag joint and upgraded to alum sprocket upgraded to a heavy duty chain even though they claimed their chain was HD everyone seems to sell kits for about the same price so I don't know if it makes much difference maybe find a dealer in your state that you can work with
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