First Motored bike.

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  1. jrschultz

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    Hello everyone. I'm very close to purchasing my first motor bike kit. My goal is to have a fun mode of transportation back and forth to work. My distance is 14 miles round trip. I love cycling for exercise, but I don't want to arrive at work sweaty on the days I chose to bike to work. I have a very good condition Trek 4500 mountain bike that I plan to convert. I was looking at the Stinger 80 CC kit that's advertised on this forum. I've also heard that people swear by the Grubee kit. What does everybody think I should get? I am mechanically inclined, so I don't mind the occasional trouble shooting or adjustment. I also don't want a friction driven unit. Other than that I am open to ideas.

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    Hi Jr, Welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome aboard.

    7 miles one way is a very good commute distance for these. Long enough that you get the riding you want, but not so long that you become fatigued and take too much time at it.

    You ought to do fine with either of the motors you mentioned.

    Read threads here just as much as you can. You'll get valuable pointers that way.
  4. jrschultz

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    Sounds good. I'll be purchasing a kit tonight.
  5. matt4x4

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    I heard a lot of great things about the Grubee 65cc, thats the one I would buy, but I am going 4 stroke Honda.
  6. oops37

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    I would recommend golden eagle bike engine kit is the easiest to install and very dependable
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    I used to commute 50mi per day round trip on a China girl so your commute is very doable (and fun).
    I only did that 50mi commute a couple of days per week.These bicycle engines are very simple, compared to a modern automobile engine.
    If you are even interested in doing some mechanical work, you can install and maintain these kit engines.
    We all have our favorite engine. You need to spend an evening reading posts on this site to help you figure out which kit will work best for you.