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    Hey im 14 and ive been intrested in engines for about 6months now but my parents wouldnt let me build a go kart and theres no where to drive it. I got intrested in motorbikes and wanted to make a mini chopper but i searched on youtube and found a motorized bike video powered by a Grass cutter. I went out to the shed and found a Ryobi Grass Scorpion 30cc 2 stroke grass cutter that hasnt been used for about 2 years ( hope it still works ). I also found an old bike that use to be my mums 15 years ago. It still all works, i fixed it all up, then i called my mum outside and showed her her old bike and she was amazed that i cleaned it all up. She then said wat are u going to use it for? Then i asked can i please use the Grass cutter engine to make a motorized bike. She said no at first but then i said i wont break it and ill make it so i can put it back in the grass cutter later on if she needs it. Then she said ok then.

    So i now got my engine and old bike, im going to paint the bike up so it looks new again then get the engine out of the grass cutter thing and weld a mount for it. My dad has a factory so he has all the metal, tools and welding stuff i need. This is going to be so fun. Should i put a bike cog thing on the engine shaft the run a chain from the engine to the wheel cog or should i put a thing on the shaft that sits on the wheel and then turns, that way i could still pedal not that i need to but that way seems harder making the thing to go on the shaft and everything.

    What do u guys think i should do in the way of getting the power to the wheel?


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    well i found out that the tires on the bike are dead and i dont think i can get new tubes for em as its real old and a weird type of tire, i dont want to spend any money on this project. My dad a couple of spare bikes i could use and there mountain bikes with suspension n **** so illl paint one of them up.

    I see most people here use chains rather than the shaft on wheel thing. Is the chain better? Should i just weld a little bike cog on the shaft of the engine then run a chain for the bike cog to the wheel cog. The mountain bike has gears also so i can change the gears on the bike when i ride to.

    Does this sound good.
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