First Official Bike

This will be my first bike that I have made for this Fourm. Its a 80cc(65cc) with a pull start and a centrifical clutch. Modified muffler and front mount. Better Pictures are here. Had it out today and it runs great. Its around -2C so i am going out for only 20 mins at a time. Pictures are below. By the way I built this myself, no help and being 17 Im proud!! Also the Pipe just has ducktape cuz I forgot to attach the mufler till today and nothing is open.
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Right now Im waiting for my wider cranks, just took the chain off for now. If I start on a flat surface all I have to do is pull start it. Will describe more when I can get it out of my shed.
Tommorow I will post a video of it running as well as better pictures, this time a camera and not cellphone pictures.
Great lookin build, does that have a wet cent. clutch, it looks like a drain plug in the side cover of the clutch.
Nice bike! I still not understand very well how the dual-clutch engine works :oops: , you can pedal start or rope start right?

I have two suggestions looking at your pictures, i tell this to everybody i meet, one is to put a fuel filter before the carb, this will help you avoid future headaches, and second, dont put the the cap of the air filter "pointing up", why? because as you start using your bike, the carb will start sucking air and dust particles from there (thats why you should put "pointing down"), and in a case you give the bike a shower or you drive in a rainy day, water could go into the carb, and that is not funny at all :p

Enjoy your ride!