First oil change on Robin 35


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Sep 5, 2008
St. John, Indiana
Since it is so simple to change the oil in my new Robin 35 (dump it out and refill it) I decided to do it today. After only about 15 miles, maybe an hours ride (its been raining a lot), the oil looked pretty darn gray. I checked the manual and it says the initial change should be done after 20 hours, 50 after that.

I would recommened to anyone with this motor to change their oil much earlier than the manual says to. Safe is better than sorry.
Motor oils always soil quickly. When using a quality oil their maintenance schedule sounds ok.
On my Lifan, I changed oil much more often than the schedule called for at the start. Get any metal accidentally left from the machining out of there. When I changed it the first time, I think I could see little flecks of metal in the oil.
Yeah, I agree. Changed the first oil after a couple of hours total time. I did it on a bright, sunny day and was amazed to see the amount of sparkle of metal bits suspended in the used oil. Then changed again after 5 and 10 hours, each time the oil got clearer after use. What the hey, we're talking about 100ml of oil.
yes -- got so excited with the MB ride
did't change the oil in my Subaru for a few hours when new
right -- pretty darn black

and noted -- may be the most important -- that first change
get the junk out

kind of silly of me though -- what are we talking less than 50 cents of oil !!!

then they used to say - change cars at 3 thousand
now many say 5 thousand

I think that most oils are -- pretty darn good stuff...

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Yep, only 50 cents of oil but the myth of 3,000 mile and color of oil continues to cause many to waste money and burden the environment with too frequent oil changes.

Get some 5w40 AMSOIL or Delvac and change it every 100 hours and you'll just be fine. In my personal vehicles, the oil gets changes every 250 hours or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first and my oil analysis is perfect with low wear rates and plenty of life left on the oil.
Has anybody used Mobil 1 in a Robin engine ?

I heard good things about Mobil 1 somewhere here on site
not sure - but I think that they thought it would be good to use
after the break in period ?

I know -- try to find your memory Mountainman !!!!!!

at least I still know where my MB can be found -------

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