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  1. brydonb

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    man I cast wait for my cast to come off

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  2. crabdance

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    Great bike man! Hope you are riding and grinning!
  3. Norm

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    Looking good dude!
    Don't take this the wrong way,but try to avoid backlit situations. The subject should be looking into the light generaly. This doesn't take away from how much I love your bike. Ride till **** freezes over!

  4. motoschwinn

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    How did you mount the motor up front? I can't tell from the pic.... Anyway remember to break it in nice and slow, and check all the fastenings.
  5. brydonb

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    well i kinda half did the front motor mount. I only put the bracket on one of the studs and made it really tight. I am not riding it anymore like this though. I have taken the studs out of the engine and I am going to the hardware store to get longer studs so that I can attach the bracket onto both studs as my bar on the bike frame is an oversized tube. it worked fine for me with the one stud in the bracket but I know that i got lucky and need to do it properly. ( i couldnt wait to ride the d%&m thing.) As for breaking it in, i dont know if I really agree with some of the methods on here. I believe that on a 2 stroke engine, there isnt much breaking in to do, not like a 4 stroke that does need to broken in??? Is this just a matter of opinion? Anyways, thx for the input :)
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  6. techboss

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    Great bike. See you on the street of Winnipeg one day.