First post, broken 66cc 2 stroke

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  1. cloud_2901

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    Hi all, need some help, blew an oil seal and got a wet clutch, that's not good right, I seem to have lost compression and wont start etc, and I can't open the bloody thing...

    Took all the screws out but I can't actually open the crankcase, how the **** do you do it? Brute force? Cuz I tried a hammer and block of wood, perhaps I wasn't persuasive enough?

    Pretty sure I've just blown the clutch side oil seal, but I may as well do a ring job while I'm at it, done about 2500 km before the motor shat itself, fairly good effort for the price I reckon, but another 2500 would be good :cool:

    So yea, if anyone can tell me to either man up and hit it harder or show me the trick to open it, I would be very grateful. Had to take the motor off and actually PEDAL the last 500 kilometres of commuting, it's ****.:sweatdrop::sweatdrop:

    Cheers from Australia


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    Please move to the proper forum, I'll post pictures.
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    Nuff said. The intro forum is so that we will all learn a little about you. Any Tech questions should be addressed in the proper forum after you introduced yourself. It makes it easier for the next person to access the info.......unless you would like someone to show up on your door step and start asking you questions without introducing themselves............................
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    Apologies for jumping the gun, tried to post in the other forum and got told to head here for first post, so thought I'd put it straight out there.

    Hey at least you learnt I'm impatient!
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    Hi Cloud,
    Welcome and what is your location in OZ.
    Cheers BJ