First post ever! HD Wheel issues.

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    Hola! So my first post on this forum is going to be a tale of HD wheel woe, but first some details about myself.

    My name is Helam Sirrine, I am 32 yrs old, and I live in Mesa, AZ with my brother. I have built 2 Motored bikes before: one spooky tooth kit(back when they sold non-grubee kits for $250) mounted on a craigslist huffy cruiser, and one "RAW" chinese kit I bought for $120 on bikeberry mounted on a Schwinn Legacy single speed Target special. Both were stolen right off of my back porch. Now that I have moved out of the apartments I was in, and I have got my tax return, I am building my most expensive MB yet with a slant head 66cc grubee skyhawk($160)on another single speed Schwinn and costing about $6oo all told.

    A big chunk of that cost was $110 dollars for Spooky Tooth's HD wheel. Since reviews for this thing seem few and far between I figured my info would be useful. The thing seems nice and sturdy, and I like that the Hub kit doesn't mount the sprocket through the spokes. I had It on my bike for a couple of days w/o the engine on and it sure seems beefy.

    However, upon installing the kit and having the drive sprocket linked to the engine i found problems. The clutch on my engine was on a little tight and didn't seem to disengage no matter how tight I adjusted it w/ the cable, so I Loosened the star nut on it and fixed my issue. But while I was trying to get my alignment right I noticed that the drive sprocket was threading off allowing the wheel to spin. I rolled the bike backward and It seemed to snug right up.

    Once I had the clutch disengaging like it should I went out for a quick start-up run, after afew tries and a few adjustments, I was turning the engine over, but I never really got the thing started. Soon I noticed that I was free wheeling and that the clucth had no effect. I looked closely at my HD wheel and tried to hold the sprocket while spinning the rest of the wheel to tighten it up, since it seemed to have come loose on it's threads again. The sprocket was spinning free, and would not thread onto the hub.

    I have removed the wheel from the bike and after removing the brake I can clearly see that the threads on this thing are buggered. I am slipping the sprocket and bracket in and out over the threads with little resistance, and can spin it freely w/o grabbing any threads. I am stuck in getting the inner 'hub' portion of the strap brake off the axle, I have destoyed 2 rubber strap wrenches and I dont have a spanner wrench to remove it with the 2 holes provided. This thing is really snug.

    Anyhow that's where I am right now. I have talked to Roland @ Spooky Tooth, and he has agreed to replace/fix this if I can ever get that drum off and get a closer look @ the threads. So far, despite my initial satisfaction with it's beefyness, my overall HD Wheel experience has been rather dissapointing, especially considering the cost.

    I'll update this thread as things develop. Glad to be part of the MoBike community.

    Peace and Love,