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    Hello fellow spoke twisters,

    I am new to the forums and am here largely to research recumbent trikes with power assist. I started researching last year and believe that a Catrike is the best platform from which to build. I took one for a spin quite literally the other day. Spin in this case being, the result of turning too sharply and leaving me with a single wheel and palm touching the ground... good times I say. If I were only going to ride in town (and had far too much money) I would probably go to electric assist. I like the idea of clean energy, little maintenance, and silent operation. However, I believe that we are a few years off before affordable battery's will be a common commodity.

    Why you might ask, do I simply not just ride the Catrike sans motor and be done with it? A good question. I have a back condition and some steep hills to contend with. More importantly I am looking for a way to run errands and leave the car behind. Many people would consider a bicycle a step forward, but placing a motor on that that bicycle, a step backward, myself included. However, looking into one of the better made motors (25cc Subaru/robin) with over 200 miles per gallon, seems fairly green if it means leaving my 30 MPG super beetle in the driveway most of the time. As it is, a 10 gallon fill up lasts me well over 3 weeks, but I do use it for going distances over a couple of miles and for hauling.

    Hello once again fellow spoke twisters, and safe riding to you all,
    John in Portland Oregon

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    Hi John, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to this place!
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    Welcome to the forum. Nice use of a French preposition.
    The recumbent bikes and trikes are much easier on the lower back.