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    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a few weeks and just finished a build and thought I'd share. Every time I build one of these someone convinces me to sell it to them. I don't mind because I love building them and then I have an excuse to build another.

    I started with a Micargi 26" Rover GT. This is my first experience with Micargi bikes. Not the highest quality bike in the world but overall I feel like it's an excellent value bike for the money.

    The only thing I have left to do on this one is install the X-port exhaust spacer before the expansion chamber which will give me the clearance I need to keep the exhaust from hitting the crank tube. Other than that it's pretty much done.

    I want to build a shifter bike next but the jackshaft kits are pretty pricey. Any recommendations on quality jackshaft kits?

    20150504_225903.jpg 20150504_225938.jpg 20150504_225947.jpg 20150504_234811.jpg

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    looks good and nicely built...i sold one my bikes and did the same and build a new(3rd build as well) but ima keep it this time...
    i also wanted that style pipe but couldn't fit cause of x port needed for clearance...
    but nice man good parts on it as well how fast u avg on it currently
  3. Ibkukin

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    I hit 34 mph yesterday. I have the 32 tooth rear sprocket so it's a little slow taking off but I live in a flat area without hills so it's fine. I think porting and polishing the cylinder and a high compression head is the next step. I need to upgrade the ignition also.
  4. miketaco

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    sweet sure ull gain plenty with ur current setup after the porting n polish
  5. Ibkukin

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    I hope so. It's pretty stable at high speeds with the heavy front fork but scary as hell to stop from 30mph with the coaster brake. I'm going to have to lose the 64 spoke front wheel so I can get a disc brake hub. The fork already has the bracket for the brake caliper welded on so that should be easy. I also had to ditch the 64 spoke wheel in the rear because the hub wouldn't work with it either. That's too bad because those 64 spoke wheels looked sweet and were really stable.
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    oh ****! i didn't even notice the brakes that's nuts...those 64 spoke wheels are slick man u cant get the bolt threw and lined up on all of em or what? (rear hub)