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    Hey there. Just registered. I took a new job recently that is a 15 mile one way trip. I am an avid cyclist but also an avid sleeper. My goal is to use a motorized bicycle to cut down on the ~1 hour ride time to a 7am job! I was thinking simple friction drive, but I do commute in the rain so I'm looking into other options now.

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    UnHappy Happytime

    So I bought a powerkingshop happytime 80cc (I know it's apparently not really 80cc, but it did appear to be a better kit than the 49.) and hooked it up on my old Giant Iguana.

    It will not start.

    The forums are a lifesaver, I am going out to get a new sparkplug and try that. I'm sure I've flooded the engine by now so I'm going to drain that out.

    I mixed a 6.4oz bottle of 2stroke oil with .8 gallons of high octane gas. According to my math that's 16:1.

    I disengaged the kill switch and have the wires for it capped off. The blue and black cdi wires appear to be connected well.

    Not sure if I have a spark because my 5/8 sparkplug socket doesn't fit this plug. I'll fix that while I'm out.

    This will make it even more amazing when it finally works!