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    I have just joined though I have been reading here for a while. I have put my first gas powered kit on a cheap brand new kmart cruiser. Had to true the wheels and that was a first. I did ok for not having ever done it and not having anything but a spoke wrench to work with. Am breaking the engine in now. Carrying tools during the break in. Fear a fouled spark plug since I am running a thick mixture and have been told the chain will stretch. So far so good.

    Now I am going to put a electric motor on an old 26", heavy duty, Marin mountain bike that I have had since the early eighties. First I am going to tear it down and completely service it. I think motors must be under 750 watts to be legal here in AZ and since I want to pedal too that should be plenty. I don't want the most expensive kit but I want something that is reliable and durable and that I could resell with no qualms about selling an inferior machine if I decide I need something else later on. Any suggestions on picking out this first kit would be helpful.

    I am doing all this because at a minimum I see traditional gasoline powered car ownership getting much more expensive. Maybe too expensive for many in the not so distant future. Further, I see the area of light transportation, especially LEVs, Light Electric Vehicles, as interesting from a career and investment perspective.


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    Welcome; I'm also a newbie. I agree with your assessment of future transportation.