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    Hi everyone, I'm glad to have found this site. I'm about to do my first build. I have ordered a 66cc/80cc slant head engine kit from kings motor bikes. I am currently trying to find a bicycle to convert. I have my eye on the ocean pacific beach cruiser from wally world. I have seen another post by watchthishold mybeer. and that bike looks awesome. i wonder if it did alright. I dont have access to welding equipment so I'm looking for a straight bolt on and go type set up. I plan on using this for recreational purposes and dont need it for transportation. The more I read though it seems like people love them. I cant wait to experience this MB movement. Wish me luck.

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    Welcome aboard and best of luck.

    I'm not familiar with the bike that you mentioned, but fitting the engine shouldn't be too difficult. When I first bought engines a couple of years ago there was just a bit of problem mating them with the larger tubes that they make these days. I don't know if that's still a problem. But, even then, there are ways of dealing with that.

    The best advice I could give is to read, read, read and read some more here. Look over threads and click on any title that seems interesting. You'll pick up a lot of info and ideas that way.

    have fun.
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    Will do. I just talked to a friend that had a schwinn that he converted and he just bought a new bike. he gave me the old bike that has the holes drilled and ready for mounting, however, the rear tire is all wobble and doesn't spin true. i have read about truing wheels and it seems like it takes some time. I don't think I have an eye for that kind of thing and I'm not sure if the wheel is just plain bent, so I found this replacement rear wheel from
  4. Welcome to the site! Still have the Op bike. It was an easy build and the bike is really light weight. Only mod I did was heating up the muffler and bending it to fit a little closer to the frame.