First real ride


Local time
1:33 PM
Jul 3, 2008
So Cali Beach
So I got to test out my bike for real tonight. Not a long ride, about 10miles to a friends house. I then car pooled with him to work, this is the main reason I built the HT bike. Anyway ...

The ride was good and this being the first time I ventured out on an extended ride I left early and gave myself over an hour to travel the 10 miles. I was making good time so I stooped off and grabbed some coffee and a smoke, nothing but smiles and thumbs up from everyone. :)

I motored down the road and stopped at a gas station to fill my tires, noticed they were a bit low. Got to hit on a cute blond, asked her for change so I can put air in my "hog", well I got change and a number.. I love HT bikes. :)

Made it to my friends house with no problems, well my butt was a bit sore but other then that nothing wrong with the bike.

So we went to work, I work 430pm-430am, strange shift I know but it pays the rent. I figured on having to ride home sometime around 530-6am. Nice and light with no traffic, little did I know there was trouble at work and everyone got sent home early. So there I was, about 130am, no lights on my bike, having to motor home on a Saturday night when the bars close.. Yaaa.

Stopped by the Right Aid and bought one of them lanterns, the kind with the square 6v battery. Used a few hose clamps and poooffff... bright head light! I was also able to find two small LED reading lights I mounted on the back, not big but very bright. Sure I must of looked like total white trash but I was felling a lil safer and could see.

It worked too, must of passed 4-7 cops on my way home, I tried to cut the engine when I saw them but must have passed 3 going about 24.

All in all it was great fun, my engine is running a bit rich, very poppy but nothing I cant take care of tomorrow.

I am deff addicted to this sport. This little HT bike I have now is just my first and not my best work. Just made it safe and function. The next build will be all style and yes... there will be another very soon. Heck got 4 people at work wanting me to build them a HT bike. :)