First rebuild? YES!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Large Filipino, Aug 28, 2008.

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  1. Soooo.... I was riding MOOP2 to the grocery store and when I got back out it won't start.
    First thing I always do when your engine runs fine then it doesn't after it sits is to pull the plug.
    It's black,wet and it has metal flakes.. no not flakes.. pieces of metal all over!!
    So I clean it up thinking "oh man I gotta pedal" when I noticed my choke level us up!
    And guess what? I pulled the choke down it started right up and ran all the way home.
    Smooth too.
    I mean it seems like there is NOTHING wrong.
    Those pieces look like bits of piston ring to me.
    Three day weekend coming up. I'll pull that jug for the first time ever.
    I'll post pics.
    ...but it still runs well. It still runs and idles well.
    If I didn't pull that plug I would have never known.

  2. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Rebuilding the motor over the three day weekend...just some words of advice for you

    Make sure you got at least a case on ice in the fridge.....heak, at least enjoy yourself, right?
  3. arceeguy

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    Metallic deposits on your plug could indicate lean running conditions. If the piston crown looks dull and pitted, you were most likely running too lean. If the piston crown is normal (black carbon deposits), check the cylinder walls for damage (chrome plating failing?) and the piston skirts. Shiny bits are not a good sign, and even though it is running well, a rebuild (new piston, rings and cylinder) is probably in your future.
  4. greguk

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    Why not to stop spread the myth about riding to lean?

    80% sure that's broken roller bearing pieces.
  5. HA! I checked it all out today and those metal pieces was just carbon! It FELT like metal.
    So I had my original plug on there for a while and I put in my Diamond Fire E3 plug back in,just came back from a ride about 3 miles,pulled the plug and the plug AND the combustion chamber inside just clean clean CLEAN!

    It was my plug. At one point about a year ago I pulled my Diamond Fire plug because it's short and is really not the recommended replacement according to the land across our shores but I'm keeping this plug on there now.
    It completely burns off anything in there so that's good for me.

    Here's a thread with some more info on this plug:

    Man. And I was looking forward to a rebuild too! :(
  6. NunyaBidness

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    just because everything is ok doesn't mean you can't rebuild it ;)
  7. True that. It's not a DAX engine but I'm gonna order from him in a few weeks. I guess ring and piston should do it... even just a ring should do it.