First ride and first problem! doh

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    Got my eho35 staton rackmount out and it started right up running soooo good. Put about 20 miles on it and decided to count the teeth on my lower sprocket to order a new one for a higher top end. When I flipped my bike over it slipped and I dropped it on the engine. I heard something at the time but didnt think much of it. It landed directly on the carb and I broke the plastic plenum or whtever its called that goes between the engine and the carburetor. I wondered why it would only run choked then it occured to me it was sucking air.
    Now for the question. I ran the search engine and couldnt come up with the right terms to get an answer. I have a 16 tooth sprocket that top ends at 24 mph. Any idea what tooth id need to top end around 35 mph? aaaaaaaaannd Where do I get a new plastic carb spacer thingymajiger? TIA

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    until you locate and order your new carb piece
    just for now
    JB Weld should work on cracks ??? -- so as to get you up and running

    ride the motor bike thing
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    If what you have is a Staton Rack mount with his gear box,

    Count the number of teeth on the output of the box, and the number of teeth on the freewheel on the bike axle. Then let us know and we can get you the info you seek. It is much easier to add a larger sprocket on the gearbox instead of putting a smaller one on the axle.

    Try looking for "intake manifold", as a search term for your broken piece.

    Hope that gets you going in the right direction, Mac
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    I did the same thing you did dropping the engine. I busted up the air cleaner plate and had to order a new one. Look up your area in the sales and service locator page at the R/S website.

    I ended up ordering directly from the distributor. Find the part number in the Parts Manual and give it to the distributor person on the phone or maybe a local store can get it for you.
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    "thingymajiger".....sorry man i'm not up with all this technical talk. :grin5:
    BTW;Sabala's advice makes great sense.
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    Thank you guys. Yeah I was actually going to get some jb weld today. Itll run as is but its probably a bit lean. Id hate to burn it down.

    The output is 11 and the sprocket is 16.
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    They call it an insulator. ref, 540 page 10. Does that sound right to you guys? Fortunately a guy I used to work with now owns a small engine shop so he gonna order the parts for me.