First ride at last

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by sweet valley high, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. I took my first ride tonight it was great, I did it under the cover of night and traveled only 2 blocks. I still need to adjust the carb a little, there is more power in there I know it! Anyway here are some photos, I don't consider it done yet it will probably be a work in process for a long time.

    BTW: the wing nuts are already gone.

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  2. stude13

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    hey high; nice lookin bike. is that a bikeparts kit? mitch
  3. Esteban

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    Pretty neat build. More tinkering to do I am sure. You will want to experiment with different size drive rollers, && a different tire, too. I like it !!
  4. Nope homemade but I was influenced by the bikepart kit design as well as others on this forum.

  5. How did you get that friction drive on that.. is that a centrifugal clutch?
    I love your ingenuity! I may need to copy this.
  6. Egor

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    Excellent job. I am more and more interested in the friction drives, I like the simplicity. I have an old Solex and it never gave out, it needs tires and they are not easy to get at a good price, I have an outfit in Salt Lake city that has them. I got rid of a couple of the budget engines and thought they would never work for a motorbike, now I would like to have the challenge of making one work like yours. Have fun Dave

    PS: Take a look at this fancy one, not mine, but what I like is the fact that you can lay the two pieces on the drill press and then they match, and then use pipe for spacers, and look at the adjuster, now that is ingenious.

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  7. autobo7

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    I'm not claiming to know anything about friction drive setups, but by how the tire looks from 2 blocks I would say you should put the roller a little deeper into the tire so it slips less and the tire doesn't wear as fast. Experts... what are your rulings?
  8. Unhappy Time

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    If I do a rack mount I want to use a "women's" frame like your build. I think I would feel less trapped if I had to dismount quickly this way.
  9. SirJakesus

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    I used a unisex frame with a low topbar not only because I already had the bike but it keeps the center of gravity a little bit lower considering you're adding weight to the top of the bike. It definitely makes dismounts easier and my girlfriend likes it because we both have the same bicycle. Bought them both at the same time in the huge discount bin known as walmart.
    Cool that you build that thing yourself, don't see as much of that. If I could make only one suggestion its take a rotary cutter to those side panels and remove some of the excess metal and sharp corners for a better look. Not that it'll improve performance at all but it may just cut down on weight a bit.
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  10. jpcourtney

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    Great job fabricating. New ideas make this forum THE place to be.
    Thanks for sharing,
  11. large - that is the stock clutch drum on the Ryobi it seemed to have a bearing between it and the engine shaft. The drive roller is from an old torque wrench and I was able to adapt it to the shaft with some square tubing that just fit over the shaft attached to the clutch drum. the bearing on the other end came from True Value and it was a perfect press fit to the roller. Everything went together pretty smoothly.

    egor - that is a work of art, I am not sure how that tensioner works but it is cool. Post more pics if you can.

    autobo7 - the roller depth is adjustable I didn't check it when I took the photos.

    SirJakesus - I am going to clean the lines up and paint it soon, I took the edges off the metal but it is still looks like it will bite me if it gets the chance.

    As for using the woman's frame it was available when my wife bought another bike. I have the same bike in a men's frame as well. Although it did cross my mind that it would be better for a quick escape.

    Thanks for all of the kind words, this is a great forum.

    P.S. I added a set of handle bars off a BMX bike, it makes the ride much nicer (thanks for the idea large).
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  12. Ozi

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    The simplicity of a friction drive is good. **** motorised bikes...So much fun, so little money
  13. Ozi

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    **** - D a m n :grin:
  14. eastwoodo4

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    nice ride sweet valley!have u checked mine out?its a weed eater to.check it out tell me what u think.
  15. I have been searching for your photos, no luck. Please post the link I would love to see your ride.

  16. seabillco

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    Hi, SVH
    That is one SWEET LOOKING RIDE!
    It is an excellent job!
    Really, I think it's outstanding work. It looks solid, mounts easily, has a clutch and is all yours! I love the design!
    Massive kudos, man! Nice work!
    I'm eager to learn how you attached the spindle to the clutch since that is vexing me right now!
    Your build is a real inspiration to me and, I'm sure, others who are tinkerers at heart!

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon
  17. Right back at you seabillco, your posts and build kept me motivated to complete my bike as well as those of everyone else in the forum. Detailed photos tonight.
  18. The photo is blurry I know, I was in a hurry hopefully it will help. This is my Ryobi 4 cycle, it has the same clutch bell as the 2 cycle I have on my bike now. The square tube stock is to the right of the clutch bell, it comes in 3' lengths and was only about $4 at Menard's ($8 at True Value). Once the round end of the square shaft on the clutch bell is filed away enough the square tube stock will slide up to the cylindrical portion of the clutch bell shaft. My drive roller then slide over the square stock and the round part of the clutch bell shaft. I the pined the drive roller to the square tube stock with a #10 machine screw. I use the bearing on the other end of the drive roller to hold the assembly in place against the clutch bell. This works great with my roller but it could be modified and used other ways, the square stock provide a positive attachment to the clutch bell shaft which can still be removed easily and the shaft remains almost unchanged except for a little filing.

    Clear as mud!

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  19. Egor

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    Sweet Valley - On the tensioner he used, it looks like a long bolt and placed on the diagonal to a fixed location lower than the end you can turn it pulls the motor down to the wheel. This is another pic, a very purty one and another view, and the last just for fun, and crop dusting. Have fun, Dave

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  20. seabillco

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    Hi, Egor
    That is one PURTY build. It reminds me of SweetValleyHigh's design.
    The tensioner is VERY clever.
    The crop duster is a blast!

    Thanks for sharing those!
    Steve G.
    Grants Pass, Oregon