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I introduced myself, on this forum, last November. That was soon after meeting several of you senior members in person. You guys were at your Ocean Park rally. Augidog gave me few stickers that day. You guys remembered as the land-sailer guy. You included some kind words an image of kite buggy in a later post. This chance meeting happened at Leadbetter State Park. Remember?

In a way, I should be mad at you guys. Seeing those cool vintage bikes, seeing that GEBE drive for my first time, on a custom bicycle frame. And those stickers! I started spending a huge amount of time on this forum. I'm already a crafty shop guy, into all kinds of stuff, like; motorcycles, pedal bicycles, and general repair. I got motored bikes in my blood now. So far, this whole thing has cost me about $1200.00! It's all you guys fault! :LOL:

Well... anyway, I just finished a new bike. It turned out great!

So far, I only have about 100 miles on my GEBE 35cc Robin kit. Even so, I have a feeling this engine kit and I will be together for a long time. I love the kit design. I have a feeling this kit is going to hold together for a long time.

My work is as a stationary engineer, at a large hospital, here in Seattle. The guys in my shop also think my new bike is great. This bike has become my primary commuter vehicle, that's 7 miles of hilly city streets, to get me to and from work.

In building a motored bike, I must confess. I never considered anything other than the GEBE kit. From the time I first saw it, I just liked that drive ring on the spokes, powered run by that belt. I'd seen it in action that day. It is so clever, I had to have my own.

My only question was, which engine? As I stand 6'3", weigh 200 lbs, and live in a very hilly city, the larger 4 stroke engine was my choice. If I lived in a flatter area, I think the 26cc Tanka would have been the more elegant choice. But I choose correct for me. I'm glad to have the pull of the 35cc Robin for my needs.

For the base bicycle, I liked the idea of a vintage bikes I'd seem many of you on. I wanted to copy that look. Shopping Craigs List, I spotted a 1964 Schwinn Typhoon. My bothers and I had one of these back in the 70s. I bought the CL one for my project.

I hope this image downloads. here goes...

Check out some of the good stuff on my bike. The centerstand is a highly modified piece of custom work. The stands are cheap to buy, but out of the box, I have no idea what kind of bike they where designed to fit. The mount tabs are originaly a weird shape. I cut, welded, and fabbed the mountings tabs to get flat, and mount for my needs.

Needing a front brake, I combined a v-brake acessory bracket ( sourced from a BMX catalog ) with some custom brackets to make it work with that old style Schwinn fork. ( I'm doing speed, down huge hills here, I need to slow down 230 lbs of man and machine, reliably ) This brake works great for me.

I have since converted the thumb throttle, to a twist grip throttle. That turned out very well.

Though Dennis and Julia do not have it listed on the Golden Eagle website, my rear "coaster brake" wheel is from them as well. They mounted the drive ring on it as well. My frame is slotted for chain adjustment, this strong coaster brake wheel was perfect wheel for me. I was thrilled to learn they had the option for us single-speed guys.

Some of you guys can get a look at my bike up close,next month. Yes! I will be at PNW rally with some of you. My second rally now... kind of.

Last thought: This motored bike works very well, it is a good first effort by me. So I think. Nevertheless, there is one serious flaw. This Schwinn is a really small bike frame, and... I'm a rather tall guy. I need a much larger frame for my long legs. I'm already working on other mount, It's a huge 1980s steel mountain bike frame. Custom rear dropouts will make for easier wheel removal. Once this ugly thing is finished, it will get the GEBE. The old Schwinn Typhoon will then be returned to light duty. No more high powered commutes as it does today.

I look forward to seeing other motored guys at the upcoming rally. I want to learn more about those true motored machines... your frame-mount engine machines. Augiedog, please bring more stickers! I got motoredbike fever.


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hey,'s that kooky wind-kart guy again :)

hi lawrence...boy, are you ever full of surprises...and it's clear you know how to do yer homework, what a very nice 1st build. we have an RS35 kit coming this way for don's '66 heavy-duty, it's good to see how nice it's gonna turn out...thanks for sharing this cool post.

we're looking foward to the rally more & more all the time, you've just taken it up one more pleasant notch for me...

come and get 'em

cya in august :cool:

Hi Lawrence
Thats a cool bike
as there are a few from Seattle going to the rally maybe some of us could get a car pool going I have a pick up that will hold 4 peps and bikes as well if anyone else is interested
softride, please contact jahmez20 about pooling a ride to the rally :cool: