first ride, horrible mileage!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Herrmanator8, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest it goes. yesterday i got my clutch to work properly for once, i tightened all my bolts on my bike, made shure everything was sturdy (I still dont have an air filter p.s.) i packed u my tool kit, packed an extra gallon of gas(in addition to my full gas tank) i was all set for my first long ride. hooray... after messing around with the clutch pads for a half hour, i finally put the clutch back together and take it down the road and finally fire it up, i turn around and begin my 10 mile trip to downtown madison. everything worked excellent(except for the part where i blew my exhaust gasket half way and gas poured out of the carburetor the whole time...) i blew my headlight and tail lights..., and since i blew my exhaust gasket, all the burnt carbon and not burnt gas covered the engine which i had to wash when i got home :???: i ran the bike about 35-40 miles yesterday which was fun, but i realized that i had used up my entire gallon of gas (i thought to myself, "thats not right") i know that im supposed to get 150 mpg but right now im gettin 40...this frustrates me, im in desperate need for a newer and more high performance carburetor because those outdated ones SUCK!!! im guessing i leaked out about a half gallon and form-a gasket apparently doesnt work... and to top it all off, i popped my rear tire while washing my bike...THAT REALLY PISSED ME OFF.... anyway feedback would be appreciated and i would like as much advice and info as i can get please. IF ANYONE OUT THERE CAN SHOW ME A NICE CARBERATOR THAT HAS REED VALVES FOR ONE OF THESE MOTORS, PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!

    THANKS, jon

  2. Edward

    Edward Guest

    You must have a leak, or a sunk float, whats you're plug chops say? Is this motor broken in? Its completely normal for things to eject on long rides, though some experts would disagree, red loctite is my friend and has kept this sort of thing to a minimum since I've started using it. Running at full throttle for long periods will cause some bad things to happen, most of these will have sweet spot where everything feels right, little vibration or engine strain, ride there.
  3. Guest

    Guest Guest

    40 mpg? 2/3rds of a gallon must have poured out on the ground when you weren't looking. :roll: That's not even close to a real mileage figure, even if it was running like carp.

    How long did you leave it laying on it's side when you were trying to start it? :p
  4. Poor milage, partially aasembled bike

    Hello, the engine REQUIRES an aircleaner body, preferably of a flat type to "bounce back" the fuel mix that is blown out of the carb in the process of running. This engine will pump fresh mix out the pipe, and out the intake and kinda "suck" it back in, even in the process of daily running. The engine will go from running well, to dogging badly if the air cleaner cap falls off. Try it to see if I'm right?

  5. Lukass

    Lukass Guest

    Re: Poor milage, partially aasembled bike

    No it doesn't, this makes no sense at all.
    It will run perfectly fine with no airfilter (for a while anyway).

    If you are leaking fuel out the carb then it is almost definately leaking through the needle and seat and overfilling the bowl, you need to take the bowl off the carb and bend the tangs down a little so the float closes the needle earlier. You also need to make sure that the needle is seating all the way closed and not hitting on the body of the carb.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I was wondering about that one.....I have run my engine (and other piston ported engines) without an airfilter for various reasons.

    While it's not good to run ANY engine without an air filter, it is not absolutely needed.
  7. prowler

    prowler Guest

    I think that MotorbikeMike is talking about fuel "standoff" which happens at certain RPM's as an engine runs. Some manufacturers require you to run a velocity stack of some type (even just a tube above the carb intake) to capture this fuel standoff so that the engine can use it. I guess it has to do with engine intake and exhaust timing. I would think it's entirely possible these Chinese motors have this happen....although I doubt you'd loose 3/4 gallon from this :grin: :shock:. I'm thinking you've got a serious leak/overflow somewhere.
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'm guessing the "lay the bike down on it's side" starting technique has made the float stick.....
  9. ibeenjammin

    ibeenjammin Guest

    Check your fuel line to your carb. Mine was leaking soo bad, that I ran out of fuel. Ultimately I need to replace it with something a little more snug fitting. I double rapped some copper wire around the fitting and put a ziptie at the top of the fitting. It stopped the leak for a bout a day or two, but now as you can see from the picture, it leaks, but barely. And yes the leak is coming from the fuel line and not the carb.

    I hope this helps
  10. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    ive realized the "tickle button" works better than the "tipping on its side...i just tip my dirtbike on its side because it doesnt have a primer. anyway, forget that...i just need a new carburetor overall, one thats good quality, with reed valves and jets for under $50.00

    although i sealed the bowl, with some form a gasket which works on gasket seals, but i covered the tube insert for the gas line with it and put a ziptie around the piece but the gas just eats through the gasket seal...that gas is tough, it ate through one of my BLITZ gas containers and covered my garage floor with gas...

    anyway thanks for the help so far and if anyone could do some research for a nice high performance carburetor for me thats under $50.00 please p.m. me or reply to this thread

    thanks, jon
  11. reed valves, and other dirt-bike ideas

    Hi there are NO fancy carbs designed for these engines. I and others have an up-grade carb, from another application, that is multiple jet, but, you can forget reed valves unless you want to carve open your barrel, weld in a box, and adapt reeds from another application. China will never do this for this engine, these are a dead china product. Dead in this case means, non-developing.

  12. Lukass

    Lukass Guest

    There are heaps of people who have got the carb to work fine, if you aren't willing to try some things with this one how will you go fitting and jetting an aftermarket carb?

    For the gaskets you need a fuel safe sealant...
  13. Herrmanator8

    Herrmanator8 Guest

    okay, i took the entire carb apart, cleaned it up, sealed everything and "ghetto rigged" an air filter by taking a staples brand paperclip holder, a chunk of foam and a load of electrical tape and binding them all together to making a decent air filter... it was mainly leaking from the point where the tube goes into the carburetor and the fuel filter was leaking, cheap chinese crap... anyway i think ill try some of the suggestions i have recieved from all of you and fix up my carb and get as much out of it as i can before i get another one. i have plenty of time to work on this because in the mean time, im replacing all my bolts and cleaning my case.

    Thanks, jon