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Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by BigDaddyT, Apr 7, 2009.

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    I got my staton rack mount subaru out for the first ride of the year. Started up great and its runnin better than ever. Im wondering if there is a thread or a place to look up what sprocket sizes result in what speeds. Id like to pick up a little top end. I have a 16 tooth on the wheel and it gives me about 24 top and 20-22 cruising. Id like to increase that to about 35-37 top with 30 cruising. Is anyone familiar with the gearing on these?

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    16 TOOTH!??!?!?!?
    Crickey where'd you pick that up?
    you must get s**tloads of torque!!

    if your wanting to get a higher top speed i'd recommend switching to a higher tooth sprocket.

    currently, on the 50cc, only mods being spark and lead, with a standard 48tooth sprocket, got a top speed of 54.5kms which is 33 miles on flat surface, with mods, has the posibility of 36 miles, 59 kms.

    so under the assumption your running a 50cc, I reckon a high performance Carby (look around the forums, google search etc), a tube from the carby to the front of the bike (allows more induction more air = more power although requires tuning air to fuel ratio wise in the carby), Proper spark plug lead and NGK sparkplug and if that doesnt give you more then enough power, well then i'd reckon buy a motor bike lol

    sparkplug and lead are best mod in my opinon, reliability and performance all in one
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    Hmm, thought I posted in rack mount. Yeah, mine has a gearbox on it to reduce the engine rpms to something a bit more managable.