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    :cool: Finally put the drive ring on the softride tonight gassed her up and fired first pull with an almighty wheelie ,throttle cable routing was a shade to tight anyway rerouted fired up again first hit and headed off down the road at an amazing 22mph barely touching the throttle the Softride only weighs 18# and with the road /race tires at 110psi theres not much resistance headed round the block and ran across a parked patrol car stopped and told him it was a test run and that I was heading back home again soon ,the officer was real interested and said he may stop by to have a better look he thought it was a great idea and said he hoped that it would not get out of control like some of the critical mass guys have been up here.
    anyway i wished him a good night and turned around went up and down a couple small hills at 22mph and home .
    Thoughts: the engine is noisier than i expected but not annoyingly so, also I noticed there is a small torque movement through the bike when applying the throttle maybe because its so light anyway i will be riding every night now to rack up some miles and get her run in .
    I am pleased with the GEBE kit but a little less than pleased with the treatment I received over a mistake in the order i was blamed for but was in fact their fault still waiting to see if it will be put $ right .