first ride to work

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by softride, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. softride

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    Did my first ride to work today
    25 miles each way what a thrill riding at 3.00am in the dark through the country into a small town average speed was 27mph inluding a number of longish hills i got a good work out and the Tanaka performed fautlessly had a little belt slip again coming home but a quick look suggests alignment anway a stop for gas coming home .57 cents meant my days commute cost $1.12approx as against $12.00 in the truck I am very pleased with the Gebe drive kit and would recommend it to anyone thinking about one the trip was tiring but i think thats because my whole day was 14 hours from start to finish ,our company offers a $ incentive not to drive so i may just ride in to work as long as the weather co operates .

  2. stude13

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    hey softy; congratulations. try to not slip the belt. it is a good idea to carry a spare. again way to go. mitch
  3. rossfree

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    Way to go Softride... love that gas savings. Ditto on the belt suggestion. If you don't have 12 gage spokes you might want to get some ordered. It only took 130 miles before mine started breaking. Fatigue.

    So... what's the incentive for not driving to work? Make us jealous. It's all fair. Besides, I might want a job there! Ha! :grin:

    Happy trails!