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    Hi everyone,
    I finished putting together my first bike from the Chinese 2-cycle kit. I couldn't have done it without everyones helpful posts and how to's.

    After a little tweaking and adjustment here and there my motorizied 24 inch Nashbar Grasshopper was running. I went around and around the neighborhood. When I didn't come back my wife came looking for me on her bicycle. She followed the sound she heard and ended up at a neighbors house where he was using his weedwacker.

    Here are a couple pictures. My wife is an artist and she put the logo on my gas tank.

    --George from Salisbury, MD

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    very very nice.
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    More adjustments to bike

    After a few test rides I added a suspension fork. It made so much difference that I added a suspension seat post. Now I am riding smooth.

    I have about 160 miles on the bike and have commuted to work 4 days this past week. It is 9.6 miles round trip and a very fun trip too. My average speed is about 22mph and I get to work in about the same amount of time as my truck. But I'm only burning about 8 ounces. Also it is fun to answer all the questions I get about the bike.

    The engine is still running a 20:1 gas:eek:il and am starting the move to 25:1. The performance is definitely improving as it is breaking in.

    Thanks to everyone for contributing their tips! It has made the build much easier.

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    hello and welcome to MBc...enjoy the ride...