First ride tonite !!!!!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by scarchofi, Aug 15, 2008.

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    After 6 weeks of learning on the fly I finally got my bike finished at about 2am. Went to the 24 hour meijer parking lot at 2:30 am and after the 3rd try it fired right up. IT WAS AWESOME. Had to adjust the clutch cable 4 times but I finally got it right. My cruiser bike was making all kinds of weird noises. Clanking, rattling, and other general unsafe noises but she held together. A week ago I was ready to throw the thing into the river and now I'm already thinking about building another one........I'm riding a huffy 5 speed cruiser with a 80cc happytime and a 50 tooth sprocket. I weigh 250 and it pushed me around with no problem...Pics to follow....THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL OF THE INFORMATION i have scoured in the last 2 months......... safe riding to all........

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    Glad to hear things worked-out.Don't stop improving your bike while your planning this new build,it's all great experience.