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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by crabdance, Jun 22, 2008.

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    Well... I cheated but I got my first ride out of my mb. I ran it with just the straight pipe but only ran it for about 10 minutes and was very gentle with the engine. I know that I've read that is not the best thing to do but I also talked to someone last night that said that as long as you take it easy and don't hot rod it you should be ok for short periods of time. Comments Please!

    Well.. what can I say. It was better than sex! My heart is still pounding. It seems like the best 10 minutes of my life.. lol. I can't wait to ride it again. It took me a while but I finally found where to prime the carb. I also found out that my brakes need re-adjusting. I had to take them off to get the tire off to put on the sprocket and now the brakes don't work good.

    Jim H. (where I got the engine) must have broke this engine in right because it wanted to get up and go. I was trying to go slow because of the pipe and all but a few times found myself going 25mph without realizing it. Just had the throttle barely turned. Of course I'm not used to it yet so maybe that's the norm with these bikes.

    All it took was one ride and I know I'm addicted. That's all it took. Just once. Thanks for listening to me... I'm just hyped and had to tell you all about this.


    p.s. Nothing came off, vibrated loose or broke on my first (short) ride.... yea!
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    HOOKED! good for you, crab. anytime someone shares their happiness and excitement about riding, it's always a pleasure to listen ;).
    i dont know squat about the pipe-thing.
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    good for you!!
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    Great, glad it's going for you. The performance will be reduced slightly when you get your muffler installed.

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    Look in the owners manual that you got with your bike (hope you kept it). Inside you should find instructions on tuning the brakes. Otherwise search the web you can get lots of hits on how to fine tune any common bicycle brake.